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Amazon Account Suspended- How to Reinstate?

Amazon Account Suspended due to Intellectual Property issues - How to Reinstate?

Amazon suspends thousands of sellers on a daily basis. You are not alone. Your account could have been suspended due to Intellectual Property Rights violations of following types:

  • Utility or Design Patent
  • Patent Infringement
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Copyright Infringement

Know that it is the responsibility of an Amazon Seller to resolve their infringement issue with the rights owner before Amazon will reinstate their listings.

Straightforward way to get your account reinstated is to get the intellectual property rights owner to withdraw their complaint against you. That is likely to fail more often than not. Right owner would not have filed a complaint against you in the first place if he was to withdraw it.

What to do NOW?

  • Don’t contact Seller Support – Know for sure that Seller Support has no ability to reinstate your account, while many suspension notices mention that sellers can contact “Contact Seller Support” for queries. Seller Support team is not qualified to assist you in this matter and their advice. More often than not, damages your appeal process. Seller Performance team is the team that has the ability to assist, and they can only be contacted through an email.
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  • Shortcuts don’t help – Opening a new account will not help, even if your new account has a different name and bank account number, you will not be able to fool Amazon. Your new account will soon be discovered and linked to a suspended account. Therefore, prepare an effective appeal.

Prepare well – Do not rush into submitting something as soon as your listing is blocked. Reinstating a listing takes anywhere from 10 days to a few weeks. Do not waste your appeal without proper preparation. Most suspensions require a few communications with the Seller Performance team. Prepare and submit a most effective appeal.

  • Be honest and submit only original invoices – Fabricated invoices do irreparable harm and damage your case significantly. Amazon classifies this “forged and manipulated” violation, and is extremely difficult to resolve.

What to do Going forward: Prevention is better than Cure

  • Get Comprehensive Patent Search Conduct to avoid Patent Infringement – For the next product, get a comprehensive patent search conducted before selecting a product to sell on Amazon. Professionals will tell you if there is a patent on a product. This will help you avoid selling patented products and avoid suspended accounts at a later stage. Get a good patent search, the cost of wrong conclusions is huge.
  • Register a Patent – Modify the product that you want to sell, while avoiding the patents it may have, and file your own patent on it.

Amazon Patent Search helps Amazon Sellers reinstate their Suspended accounts register patents and stop copy sellers as One Low Cost. Around 350 Amazon Sellers got their listing and selling privileges reinstated in 2019.